Mowing and TrimmingLawn mowing can seem like a simple task, but at the end of the day few companies bear the efforts to help ensure a green, lush, and healthy lawn. Many lawn care companies look to rush through the job as quickly as possible. At Mark Lomeli & Sons, we practice several lawn mowing techniques throughout the year that affect the long term beauty of your lawn. Using the right sized mower for the right sized lawn, rotating the mowing direction, and adjusting the cutting height during the heat of the season are just a few of these lawn care techniques.

Mark Lomeli & Sons will come to your home once per week to mow your lawn, trim along all concrete edges, landscape beds, trees, and buildings. We then blow all the debris off any unclean surfaces. We bag the grass clippings when necessary, but mulch them as often as we can as it is healthier for your lawn. Twigs, branches, and general trash debris are removed as well.

  • We mow weekly all year round
  • We mow at the standard heights for the industry in this region. Our general rule of thumb: spring and fall-2.25-2.75” mow height; and summer-3-3.5” mow height.
  • We bag clippings, trim of all edges, beds and trees and blow off of all hard surface areas.
  • After our first call with you, we’ll put a schedule in place. We give plenty of notice if your schedule should ever change.

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